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 "Like soldiers", observed British writer, "much irritated, and fatigue that they had suffered and the Juicy Couture Tracksuits opposition they met,." by the loss of some officers preferred and courageous, the massacre of the enemy was considerable1parmi the officers thus deplored and revenged bloody, was Colonel Campbell, who commanded the detachment. At its fall, the vested command on Colonel Beverley Bobinson, American Loyalists. Another officer killed was...(more)

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There will be updated information on projects presented at past JEC events, as well as information on new projects that highlight the implementation and use of machine independent off line NC programming software for AFP machines. Current customer projects to be highlighted include: a large one piece fuselage barrel on an Electroimpact multi machine AFP fabrication cell; an aircraft inlet duct on a Cincinnati Viper 1200 AFP machine; the challenges encountered supporting a flexible AFP gantry machine; layup...(more)

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This was all done in a very quick, methodical and professional manner from start to finish, and we are now beginning to see the benefits of using Hydrafeed for this retrofit.' With their highly trained team, a massive wealth of experience in the field of Barfeed retrofitting, and with many satisfied customers, Hydrafeed can provide the complete package to suit all types of applications, providing maximum support and reliability, with minimum effort and worry, all at a price second to none in the Barfeed...(more)

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In addition, when the computers went down, parts were often scrapped. The gantry framework on the two machines was in great shape, and the company had also recently replaced all of the water pumps. So retrofit appeared to be the answer, but traditional waterjet retrofit packages came up short. Controllers included with these packages lacked the features Maudlin wanted, such as toughness, improved cutting tolerances, and the ability to make changes to CAD files at the machine. Even though the company used...(more)

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Outdated cutter compensation and acceleration algorithms can cause inaccurate parts, gouging, and overshooting leading to an increase in scrap parts. Many CNC controls are available for retrofit, but that doesn't mean they have the same features as the old control. The features may not work the same way and/or existing programs may not be compatible. When deciding to replace a CNC control, compatibility with the existing part programs, Vertical Lathe, motors, and feedback devices must be considered, as...(more)

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Specializing in R&D work for the fusion research program worldwide, the Special Purposes Workshop provides the machining expertise for the UKAEA (Fusion) Special Techniques Group based at the Culham Science Center near Abingdon. Gordon Harrison is the manager of the Special Purposes Workshop. "Promtech had previously undertaken two Bridgeport Interact CNC Vertical Lathe with Heidenhain controls both with four axis capability, "Mr. Harrison says. "This gave us the confidence in its ability to undertake...(more)

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The cooperative products include S 240 Multiaxis Gantry Type CNC copy Milling Machine, 3 axis and 5 axis Radial drilling machine. "There's nothing about making pool cues that's easy," McDaniel says, "but one of the most challenging tasks is the inlay work. " The points, typically 7. 5 inches in length, are inlaid around the circumference of the 29 inch long butt. In the past, McDaniel's firm had to make a male pattern for the points themselves and a female pattern for the butt inlay, which took between one...(more)

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All electronics are wired, and software installed, allowing customers the ease of running the machine in any work cell shortly. " "The only setup customers may have to perform is the mounting of drill, dispenser, laser or automation tooling required for their application, and in many cases Techno can do this for the customer prior to shipping. "Das Maschinenkonzept ist auf hochstmogliche Flexibilitat, in der Tischauslegung, Vertical Lathe, des Fluid und Spanehaushaltes und der Aufstellmoglichkeiten...(more)