Terms & Conditions


ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal residents Worldwide, age 13 or older. Sweepstakes is void wherever prohibited by law. We have the right to not send to a country out of the US if they do not meet our requirements. We will request for you to send your item to a different country available on our shipping chart.

PROMOTION PERIOD: RentMeAHandbag.com is giving away an undetermined quantity of Handbags, Shoes, Clothing items, Promotional Codes, and Reward Points. At least two prizes (probably many more) will be awarded each week during the giveaway period, July 9th through December 31st, 2009

HOW TO PLAY: Each player receives up to ten (ten) spins daily, five (5) from within registered Facebook accounts and five (5) spins per registered user on RentMeAHandbag.com (http://www.rentmeahandbag.com/prizes). These spins are reset to 5 spins for each day you play eastern standard time 12:00 AM regardless on how many spins you have on your slot machine. The RentMeAHandbag slot-machine application will spin once you pull the lever. If you get a winning combination for a prize (combinations displayed on our active prizes below the slot machine) you will be notified that you won a prize and with flashing lights and ask to click a button to claim and choose a prize. In the event you win a prize and leave you can log into your RentMeAHandbag user "My Account" and click on the pending prize button to go to the form to claim your prize. In order to secure the prize you must fill out and complete the form. Failure to do so may cause you to lose a certain prize from that active category from another user that won in that same category and claim the prize before you.

ODDS OF WINNING: A predetermined metric is selected at RentMeAHandbag's discretion for each giveaway and cannot be disclosed.

WINNER NOTIFICATIONS: Winning players will be provided a short form to provide name and shipping address for delivery of the prize. Prizes will be shipped via FedEx Ground for US residents and USPS express mail for International residents. Except where prohibited by law, winning constitutes permission to use winners' names, hometowns, likenesses, prize won and photographs for online posting, and/or any advertising and publicity without additional compensation. Winners must provide RentMeAHandbag with their legal name, current mailing address, and photo upon request

WINNERS LIST: Winners will be posted on this site after each drawing.

PRIZE VALUE / TERMS OF CLAIMING A PRIZE: Total value of prize varies between $10.00 and $500 depending on the particular giveaway item in a given category. We do not allow these items to be return or exchange for additional items on our site. Prizes can be in various conditions used, new, and store damages, please make sure you are aware of the items condition you are claiming. There will be NO refunds or exchanges given to any prizes claim. If you win a prize in a certain category you will be ask to select one prize from the list of active prizes from the category you won. You are only allowed to pick ONE prize from that category. If a prize has been won and already claimed we can not offer you the same item, you can only win what is available on the winners form for that category. Make sure you claim the prize and fill out the form in order for you to secure a prize, before another user wins in the same category and claims a prize before you. If you choose to claim reward points instead of a prize you can do so and this will be added to your reward point balance.

REWARD POINTS: Points can be also won when playing the game. The point values are 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and even 100 points can be won. There are no limits to the amount of points you can occur when playing at this time. The point balance will be displayed while playing the game. You can choose to redeem your points for items on our website or to get a store credit off a purchase based on RentMeAHandbag dollar exchange table.

1 point is = to $0.01 US currency store credit

100 points is = to $1.00 US currency store credit

1000 points is = to $10.00 US currency store credit

10000 points is = to $100.00 US currency store credit

Please note that Reward points have no actual cash value to them, meaning you can not redeem your points to get US cash dollars. They are only just used on RentMeAHandbag as store credit or to redeem items off our website only. If you like to redeem your points please contact us on how much you like to redeem, then we will issue you a promo code to use on our site. There are no refunds or exchanges to redeem reward points, once you use them you can not get them back. If you are returning an item only the amount you paid will be refunded the redeem points will NOT be refunded.

RELEASE: By entering the RentMeAHandbag.com promotion, participants agree, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, to release, discharge and hold harmless RentMeAHandbag.com, their affiliates, their respective owners, and representatives from any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses which may arise out of participation in Promotion or out of the acceptance, use, or misuse of prizes. By participating, you agree to these Official Rules and to the decisions of the judges whose decisions shall be deemed final and binding. RentMeAHandbag reserves the right to exclude any winning spins if the application is tampered with in any form from an outside source.