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To enhance the tickets online security awareness, Do not cheap joie de vivre, significantly lower ticket prices to be more than eye, and improve the ability to identify true and false tickets online. Pay attention to the screening cloning sites, phishing sites. The fake website realistic, real booking site's domain name is different, Once a domain name suffix "more or tampering with the" letter ", you must be vigilant. In particular, those requirements to provide bank card number and password The website not effect, we must carefully distinguish guard against. Air ticket booking, try to select the airlines official website or a well-known large-scale ticketing website, access to the site, the best site navigation through formal channels, try to avoid opening strange ticketing website.

Use a more secure way to pay, upon receipt of bank transfer or transfer requirements, ticket buyers to be vigilant to guard against fraud. The scam three some criminals directly play tricks on the fake website, click on the ticket buyers want to buy flights and after confirmation of payment, the site prompts ticket information into another flight (in fact, none of the two flights Order votes), Panic ticket buyers will think playing on the site The so-called customer service phone refund, turn into the front loop trap. The procurement The stocking also put on the agenda of many people. source:Retro Jordan Shoes, Cheap Jordans

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