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Spring Festival is approaching, many public plans to buy a plane ticket to go home to visit relatives, go on sightseeing trips, online tickets favored by more and more users because of its convenient, inexpensive. However, the major electricity providers have concessions, and vigorously promote discounted tickets at the same time, some cheats multiply Maneuver from the crooked brains ... On August 17 last year, the public Mr. Wong ready to go out to play in the online search for discount tickets reflection compare prices, Mr. Huang eventually selected a cost looks high booking sites and call the customer service phone.

Surprisingly, this phone call, not only so that Mr. Huang was originally open Happily travel plans came to naught, and let Mr. Wong is a liar cheated 207,000 yuan. Scam the criminals first erection the phishing sites counterfeiting formal electricity supplier, so ticket buyers to relax our vigilance, "discount", "fire-sale" false ticket information and hype in major forums, microblogging platform to attract ticket buyers fall into the trap.

Scam two "fish hook" the criminals posing as legitimate Web sites and customer service personnel Advisory issued the ticket in the ticket buyers call situation, system error, the transfer test, flights signing activate various pretexts to The ticket buyers remittances Sometimes criminals Even entice ticket buyers to hand over the remote control of online banking. tags: Jordan Shoes for Sale, Jordan Shoes for Women

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