shopping online handbags Durable,shopping online handbags chic and decidedly more "rich" looki" />

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There's nothing better than owning a genuine leather handbag. shopping online handbags Durable,shopping online handbags chic and decidedly more "rich" looking in forms of craftsmanship and style. And what I love best about the new arrivals, is the plethora shopping online handbags  of hot summer colors available in these natural satchels, hobos and messenger bags. If you haven't heard, this season is ALL about bold, bright shades of fun. shopping online handbags
Here are my picks for a potential next colorful addition to your shopping online handbags  accessory closet:shopping online handbags
Jackie'sLuxury Patent Tote. Large, hot pink andin charge. shopping online handbags  All pre-requisites to enjoy your summer to the best of your ability.Aristo. Probably the most unique green handbag that I've seen in the industry. Its hobo shape is a force to be reckoned with for both summer and beyond (I'm predicting green to be Fall's go to color)It's official (as of today):  shopping online handbags SUMMER IS HERE. Even shopping online handbags  if temperature-wise, it feels as though its humidity has been around for a few weeks. The heat index is probably my least favorite aspect of the summer. shopping online handbags  I mean, I LOVE the expectation that there's a greater chance for blue skies and outdoor activities, but 99% of the time, it ends with me exhausted and sweaty (I'm so much more of a Fall person) shopping online handbags . Be that as it may, it's good to be prepared with light, airy fabrics during heat waves like this - and I think the same goes for purses as well. Regardless i shopping online handbags f you're stay-cationing or traveling to eve shopping online handbags n warmer climates (*gasp*).
Looking chic on the beach is easy, when you are accessorized appropriately. shopping online handbags  I mentioned our new navy-striped canvas bag in an earlier post, but here are a few other handbags that are shoreside-appropriateCheryl Dou, a new arrival, shopping online handbags  is a great bucket bag for the season. The contrasting colors are bright and fun - much like most of us wish the summer will be. This handbag has shopping online handbags  one purpose: to tuck away and organize all your belongings for a long day in the sun. Inside, there's room to pack your SPF and flip-flops, shopping online handbags  as well as anything for a quick change. Large enough for a few big items (beach towel included), Cheryl Dou will also double as your favorite everyday bag.  shopping online handbags The beach is THIS WAY.
A favorite from last summer, Betty Pretzel remains a popular handbag for summer. This tote has versatility written all over it - and might even scream "Picnic time!" Betty will pair with your sundresses for backyard barbecues and look cool for your outdoor musical festivals. Heck, I even carry this one to the ballgame! Regardless of outdoor adventure, a large shopping online handbags  main compartment will hold your sunglasses or umbrella - fully determined upon the weather circumstances of today. Assorted pockets shopping online handbags  and pouches will hold sunscreen,  shopping online handbags bug repellent or eating utensils. Mustard not included, however
Jennifer Explorer Tote (I and II and BOTH new to the shop), shopping online handbags  is prepared to take you on new adventures - good thing you brought a map! *snicker* ‘Cuz you might get lost in this globetrotter-of-a-bag. But you can find your place in this world b shopping online handbags y carrying everything with you, stowed in their appropriate compartments (overhead or otherwise). Make sure your seatbelt if fastened and your seat is shopping online handbags  in the upright position. We're taking off with this new handbag!The summer heat calls for accessories that are light in fabric and chic shopping online handbags  in fashion. As for purses, my arm can't handle the stickiness of leather material (and I've had way too many sweat-induced color bleeds from my handbag straps), so I opt for a cotton tote or canvas hobo shopping online handbags  for my summertime wardrobe.
Keeping on trend, stripes naturally project a nautical shopping online handbags  theme that always seems to be "in" around vacation time (that is, if you take a break between June and August), shopping online handbags and the color navy is inherently compatible. A little of the red, white & blue in attire is somewhat patriotic in memory, what with being surrounded by shopping online handbags  American holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and shopping online handbags  Labor Day. And yet, all those colors correspond with how you should be styled in these hot temperatures.
Now, you can find both stripes and canvas together in one of our new arrivals: shopping online handbags the Navy Striped Canvas HoboAs its description suggests: Inspired by travels to the Mediterranean and stateside beach vacations, the Navy Striped Canvas Hobo shopping online handbags  is a summer essential for any nomadic heart. Cinched closed and tassel accented by quality leatherette strap, your eyes can't help but migrate between the exterior stripes and contrasting solid-colored fabric lined interior.
To prevent any vagabond beach necessities, the inside contains shopping online handbags  one main compartment, a couple open pouches and a side zippered pocket to keep your sunscreen and sunglasses separated from any wayward sand andv shopping online handbags sea.Have you followed the summer trend of tying scarves onto your purse straps? I've seen the accessorizing in several fashion magazines, from People Style Watch to Lucky - and on everyone from style bloggers to celebrities. Well, shopping online handbags the look is totally cute and "breezy" for the season - not to mention cheap and easy. Also, I like the idea of having a scarf on-hand for inevitable changes in shopping online handbags  weather or cold malls and theaters. To get the look: you can either buy a set of printed scarves... and simply, tie it to the handle of your bag OR shopping online handbags you can select one of these shopping online handbags  PRE-MADE trendsetters, part of our Rita Printed Totes collection.
Check out the two different styles - one is a rounded tote, tied with a bow for extra feminine touch. Coming or going, this tan tote is a statement accessory. shopping online handbags I love that its rich exterior will also transition well from mid-summer heat spells to the cool breath of fall. Playing double duty on your fashion calls.
And the other... well, it's a shopping online handbags  more square-shaped tote than the other, but also comes pre-attached and woven with a scarf accent. It's exceptionally chic in structure and shape -  shopping online handbags and large for your heavy shopping excursions. Errands, anyone

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