shoes outlet store Alassane Ouattara called for an immediate cease-fire camp, said the willingness to dialogue with the latter.

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Côte d'Ivoire President Laurent Gbagbo, 29, former political rival shoes outlet store Alassane Ouattara called for an immediate cease-fire camp, said the willingness to dialogue with the latter.

Ouattara the formation of the "Côte d'Ivoire, the IRA," the moment of the Gbagbo camp to launch "offensive" to win more than a dozen major cities and towns, close to Gbagbo camp center, the economic capital Abidjan.

Gbagbo spokesman ahu shoes outlet store Watangmeiluo day camp told AFP: "We call for an immediate ceasefire, the African Union to begin a dialogue under the mediation of the High Representative."

He said that Gbagbo camp received a letter from the African Union, invited Gbagbo and Ouattara camp April 4 to 6 to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa talks.

"We are not back," he said, "but no reason to deny opportunities for dialogue."

By Mello's argument, Gbagbo military tactical retreat christian louboutin outlet now taken, but he warned that if the ceasefire and dialogue Ouattara camp ignore recommendations Gbagbo military will use the "legitimate right" to start against.

Côte d'Ivoire by the end of November last year after the presidential election, when President Gbagbo and former Prime Minister Ouattara, respectively, were declared the winner and sworn in as president. Into a political stalemate in Côte d'Ivoire, violence, conflict-ridden.

United Nations, the African Union and other christian louboutin outlet international organizations to recognize Ouattara elected president, but the previous several fruitless mediation, Gbagbo refused to step down.

Ouattara 29, said in a statement: "Laurent Gbagbo aims to acknowledge all the (presidential elections) the failure of peaceful means have been exhausted."

17 this month, ordered the formation of Ouattara, including former rebels, including the "Côte d'Ivoire IRA", 28, began to attack in many areas, it is believed christian louboutin outlet to win the Midwest Center for Urban Daloa cocoa growing areas, the surrounding city Duékoué and the eastern town of Bondoukou.

29 Ouattara military stronghold from the west and east to the South, easily won Isiah, Abengourou more than a dozen other city. Isiah from the cocoa export channels, the southern port of San less than 200 km from Abidjan Abengourou about 220 km.

Reuters, Ouattara camp controlled areas now produce about 60 million tons of cocoa per year, accounting for half of total output, through the Port of San exports.

Gbagbo camp Mello, 29, said the spokesman, Ouattara military "can not invade," Abidjan.

28 United Nations peacekeeping force said in a christian louboutin outlet statement, Gbagbo in Abidjan in the afternoon the army opened fire toward the civilians, killing at least 10 people, some supporters of Gbagbo in Abidjan suburb a young man burned alive.

Mello denied the statement, "We did not use any heavy weapons against civilians."

"I hope the dialogue will soon begin," he said, "useless to continue the conflict, (only) to increase the number killed."

IOM spokesman Jean - Feilipuxiao together in Geneva, Switzerland at a news conference that the town of Duékoué in western Côte d'Ivoire, about 20 000 Ivorians and other West African countries within the immigrant refuge in the local church, lack of water, food and medical facilities.

A United Nations spokesman said the massive deployment of UN peacekeepers to protect the church.

In addition, near the town of Guiglo Duékoué town of about 200 people believed to have been killed, the United Nations is investigating.

United Nations statistics show that since last year's presidential election, Côte d'Ivoire at least 462 people were killed in violence, about 100 million people displaced.



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