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CASE staff complaints for previous years to alert the public to pay attention to credit card spending in shopping malls and supermarkets, view statements and a small ticket to see whether there is a duplicate billing of goods, but also leaving a good consumer certificate problems in a timely manner Despite the endless stream of phishing cases, but as long as the master good following two complaints to the relevant departments to "find sellers in online shopping stocking must be concerned about the credibility and registration time, in general credibility of higher security. can quickly identify such fraud.

Chengguan Consumers Association The person in charge of the First, by using the wrong password login, when the safety of pages of the uncertainty each other to send the payment, the user name and password in the login box input errors, If you can log in successfully, indicating that the site may be in cash in your password. The second is a fake branch Fu Bao can not display the account balance, When the user Alipay pay at the cashier, select Paypal balance of payments, the page does not show balance figures. Real Alipay cashier will display the current Paypal account balance. At the same time, the the invoice problem caused in recent years because of stocking up a lot of complaints, especially in a period of two. tags: Red Bottom Heels, Red Bottom Shoes,

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