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Broad based the prices up stocking up on the market this year, many consumers have fought in order to save money online shopping market. Yesterday, Chengguan District Consumers Association officially released Stocking consumer alert to remind members of the public in the face of a variety of New Year, "preoccupied", and not forget to "look and smell. Meanwhile, buy stocking up way more fashionable online for this year, consumers enjoy the convenience of online shopping, but also to guard against online fraud Spring Festival approaching, Chengguan District Consumers Association combined with recent consumer complaint hot disputes and public consumption encountered in previous years, before and after the Spring Festival, special investigations and issued a warning.

Consumer alert to remind consumers from shopping, services, and consumer environment in all aspects of rational consumption. 12315 consumer complaint hotline for reporting Opened 24 hours a day during the festival set a special duty accepted at any time to answer consumer complaints consulting. Before and after the Spring Festival has always been a swipe peak period, when a large amount of money, prone to the amount of error, or even a consumer phenomenon of multiple credit card consumer credit card spending to pay attention to see whether the transaction is successful if the cashier claimed that the transaction was not successful And several credit card, it is recommended The consumers should be approaching the the corresponding bank verification consumption amount. tags:Nike High Tops, Cheap Nike High Tops

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