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Women vest is found in a variety of choice, ranging in color choice, fabric, or the pattern. Women vest liven up any boring cloth. Certain women vests are to be worn over button down shirt. These are generally V-neck and lack buttons. On the other hand some have pockets and meant to be worn over any outfit. A long vest can be worn over line from shirt to pant. A women vest can be worn at any time of the day or night. Similarly a women vest is also suitably worn in the office and home alike.

The most important part about women vest is that it should be comfortable. A women vest should not hide the waist nor should it fail to reach the waist. This would make the body look out of proportion. A women vest should fit well but should not attract undue attention. The best thing about a women vest is that it can be worn for both, formal and informal settings.

A couple of women vest in the wardrobe would surely be a perfect addition and will really help out while dressing up for office or evening party. A women vest is the star of the show. No matter what it is worn with or its fabric! A women vest stands out and makes the wearer stand out.


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